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2021 Covid-19 Policies

 (full copy of policies available for download under enrollment tab or upon request by director)

Pick-up and drop off

-parents are required to wear masks upon entry of our centers. In order to limit possible exposures parents are asked to stay within designated sign in areas, a staff member will be available to preform a health screening and take temperatures of the children and escort them in to their classrooms. Upon leaving for the day staff will gather all children’s belongings and meet parents in designated area.


Health & Safety

-in order to prevent spread of illness we ask families to keep sick children home. During this time if your child is showing signs of being ill they must stay home for 72 hours (3 days) or all signs of communicable illness are gone. If your child is exhibiting uncontrollable coughing, shortness of breath, or fever they may be sent home and asked to provide a Dr’s note in order to return to care. It is important for us to be aware of potential exposures within our centers and we ask that if you are keeping your child home to please give us a courtesy call letting us know the reason they will not be in attendance for the day.


Cleaning & Hygiene

-When cleaning we use a 3 step process (clean, rinse, sanitize) to ensure we are maintaining a sanitary environment. Any mouth toys are removed from play and sanitized daily and all other toys are sanitized weekly as well. All of our staff practices constant hand washing procedures with the children, ensuring they are washing upon arrival and departure, before and after handling food, after toileting, when coming in from playground and after coming in contact with bodily fluids (mucus saliva etc.)


Additionally, in order to maintain our standards in providing a sanitary childcare environment we request that all items from home remain at home. Spare clothes from home will be kept in sealed bag in each the child’s cubby. KidZone provides all sheets and blankets for rest times.

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