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Welcome to KidZone Learning Centers!

 KidZone has been providing exceptional service since 2006.


 We are committed to providing your child with a safe, positive learning environment so that they may receive the physical activity and emotional stability they need in order to maintain a healthy mind and body. After all, how children are nurtured, spoken to, played with, responded to, allowed to explore and encouraged to express themselves is formative for the subsequent learning and for the type of people they will become.

Of course every parent will be a child's first teacher. We are simply here to support you by giving your child access to a high quality and developmentally appropriate program.

We hope to gain a healthy relationship with you and to have continued success in your child's learning development. 

Our Training and Experience

The State of Washington requires that the director, staff, aids and volunteers take annual training on topics related to caring for young children and leadership practices.  Feel free to ask about our training.  We will frequently share interesting things we learned with the families in our program. For a list of trainings our staff are required to take, please ask your center’s director.

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