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All our programs incorporate engaging curriculum.

Our programs also partner with Cloverpark Technical College to further improve our teachers knowledge in Early Childhood Development for the benefit of each child. We also participate in the USDA food program for health and nutrition as well as the  Pierce County Library System to enhance our reading programs within our Centers.We are all Early Achievers Rated.

​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Infants 6 weeks - 11 months

Only available at Puyallup-Canyon Rd location

Our infant program caters the individual needs of developing babies, supporting families and giving each infant what they need to thrive at their age of development. 

Weekly Tuition - $380

Toddlers 12 months - 29 months 

Available at all locations

Our nurturing environment provides structure that allows children to grow and learn while feeling safe and comfortable. Our toddler programs are designed to meet the individual child's basic development needs: social, physical, emotional, intellectual, creative and self-concept. As well as responding to the needs of families. The child's world is expanded mainly through appropriate staff-peer interactions and by staff picking up on children's cues.

Weekly Tuition - $325

Young Preschool 30 months - 3 years 

Available at all locations

The activities in our preschool program are developed to create learning and social experiences through play, projects,  activities, self directed activities, hands on learning and collaborative play which aims to prepare children not just for school, but for life. Themes are used to expand the child's knowledge of their own world and they are integrated within the learning activity centers whenever possible.

Weekly Tuition - In diapers/pull-ups - $325, fully potty trained - $290

Pre-K 4 years - 5 years

Available at all locations

Our pre-k program is designed to boost school readiness by teaching letters, words, valuable social skills with small group activities, independent play, and engaging circle times. Our goal is to make sure children will have all the right skills to succeed in Kindergarten. Everyday our children participate in whole group activities, small group activities, skill based learning in math and literacy, child directed play, as well as given time to express their creativity through art and sensory play.

Weekly Tuition - $290

School Age 6 years - 10 years

Available at Lakewood and South Hill Locations

Our after school program focuses on promoting social and emotional development, and promoting ongoing relationships with caring adults.

Weekly Tuition - during school year $200,

                               during summer break or remote learning $250

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